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Patient Testimonials

Hervia Roberts ():

Grace Family Acupuncture has done wonders for my back in a very short time.  I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain for nearly four years after I herniated a disc - in last 3 months since I started acupuncture and cupping treatments my symptoms have dramatically improved! I would definitely recommend their services for back pain!

Levi Chettle ():

Receiving acupuncture and cupping from Dr. Gong has noticeably helped relieve intense chest pain and tightness that I've been experiencing on a daily basis for 4 1/2 years.  Also, the sessions bring me into a deep relaxed state of solace.  Thanks for your dedication to your work and your care Dr. Gong!

Anna Bruursema ():

Grace Family Acupuncture has been so wonderful. Their deep knowledge and technique coupled with an intuitive understanding of what my individual body needs has led to amazing results. I originally went there to treat one specific ailment and then noticed balance and improvements in additional areas that I didn’t even realize were out of alignment before. I highly recommend!

Kari Demeo ():

I've been going to Grace Family Acupuncture, seeing Dr. Grace and Dr. Gong since early 2020. They have been a tremendous help for my back. They are so flexible and can always get me in for an appt as needed. They are both so sweet and helpful in explaining acupuncture to me.

U.S. Amy Retired ():

Great people and awesome service!!  They have a variety of areas they use to help with pain, pressure, etc.  I will recommend them to everyone for their great techniques to relieve any ailments that you have.

Tess Mussatto ():

Amazing experience with grace family acupuncture. So professional and relaxing. Amazing technique that truly works for any Aiment you might be suffering from. Go check them out you won’t regret it!!

Jason Weiser ():

Genuinely helped my back pain. Very patient focused, awesome team.

Kyle Perez ():

Great family owned practice. Have see. Amazing results since seeing Jing!

Jordyn Hall ():

Grace and Jing are amazing! Jing has helped me tremendously and I can always count on a relaxing hour when I’m there. They are truly great at what they do.

Gabby Hardesty ():

Grace and Jing are the best people you will ever meet. They are so wise and kind, True healers. I've come to them for different things over the years and they've always been able to help. They can heal and help fix things we can't even see, Or know about. They truly heal you from the inside out. I take the natural herbs and the amount of treatments they recommend per week/ And I see amazing results! I do the the facial cupping - It's an incredible treatment & it's not offered many places! I also do acupuncture for a number of different things. They are always giving me advice and sharing so much wisdom with me -  Chinese medicine is truly fascinating! My whole family visits Grace Accupuncture. We feel lucky to have them in our city and get to be treated by them, A true gift.

For whatever you are needing help with, Give them a try first. I guarantee you will be glad you did! It's natural, It's safe, And you leave feeling balanced and relaxed. I couldn't love them more!

Liz Fosberg ():

I highly recommend Grace Family Acupuncture. I found this hidden gem when I was diagnosed with Bells Palsey. (Temporary facial paralysis) Dr. Gong and her daughter treated me with acupuncture, fire cupping, and facial massage. I was having headaches and a lot of muscle stiffness. All of their treatments helped relax my muscles and I feel like it sped up my recovery. They care about their patients and take the time to get to know you and want you to heal. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Cinnamon Swecker ():

I have been seeing Dr. Gong for three weeks now. I have multiple things that I’ve been diagnosed with. I have osteoarthritis in my spine as well as multiple herniated disks in my spine from my C1 to my L5-6. I also have cardio issues and thyroid issues. Not to mention a huge migraine headache issue. Now I don’t usually leave reviews but Dr.Gong is a godsend. She has given me more relief from pain than any of the multiple doctors and specialists have been able too. I can’t find the words to express what she has done for me. She truly is a godsend and truly cares for her patients. Thank you and God bless you Dr. Gong, I do t know what I would do with out you. Five stars just doesn’t seem to be enough  ❤️❤️❤️

Timothy Sippola ():

I have been under Dr.Gong's care for two years now. I see her primarily for preventive care and at 69 years old I am pain-free and healthy. She uses a combination of acupuncture, cupping, and herbal supplements with me.

I first sought her when I was hoping she could help me with a frozen muscle in my bicep that was quite painful to the point I could barely use my left arm.  I'd had it for four months with no sign of improvement. But there was noticeable improvement after the first treatment I got from her and within 4 treatments, my arm was markedly better.  Within eight it was totally healed and I have had no trouble since. Once I wrenched my shoulder and thought I was going to have to have rotator cuff surgery. But three treatments later and I haven't had any pain or trouble with it at all.  Recently I told her I had noticed my eyesight getting worse to the point I thought I would have to get a stronger prescription.... Wrong!  My sight was better after just the first treatment.  She has changed my world.  I trust her implicitly. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything she can't help.  I feel so grateful to have had her cheerful, kind, and consistent presence in my life.  In the past two years I have witnessed many outcomes even more dramatic than any of mine. She is a true healer.

Louise Graham ():

She did an amazing job balancing my hormones, stopped hot flashes entirely. Very kind and more knowledgeable than any traditional doctor I have been to. Highest recommendations.

Bill & Leann Luemmen ():

I was desperate when I first met with Dr. Grace.  I had frequent migraines that required emergency room visits and I had been suffering for a couple of months with extreme, dibilitating fatique.  Within three weeks of visiting her twice a week, I had gained enough energy to function. I slowly began gaining energy.  I have not had a migraine since I began seeing her. I have also been taking the herbals she recommends. My digestion has improved and I am feeling stronger and happier, stronger and more energetic every week!  I HIGHLY recommend Grace Family Acupuncture!

Grace Wang ():

I came to the United States 30 years ago, I know that Chinese medicine for a variety of natural treatment of various diseases have magical effects. I have always wanted to find a good Chinese medical doctor in the United States, it was a bit difficult until I met Dr. Gong last month at a friend’s party. she was giving a friend Acupuncture . I learned that she had studied in Chinese medical colleges and also engaged in Chinese medicine in China for more than 20 years, I was curious about her I also let her give my knee that has been painful for many years acupuncture. I immediately felt better and the pain has eased. After two days, I went to her office to visit her. She had acupuncture treatment on my knees and back pain that have bothered me for 30 years. I only have four times treatment my pain was significantly better and now I basically don't feel the pain. She also treats my insomnia and my sleep quality is much better. I am very grateful to meet such an experience and highly skilled acupuncturist in KC. I want to share this for others who might need it. I highly recommend her.

Sharon Condon ():

I have been seeing Dr. Grace Gong for about six months now, and I couldn’t be happier with what she has done.  My main complaint, when I first visited her, was with dizziness. She quickly assessed the problem and with each accupuncture session , along with the herbs she suggested,  I saw improvement. Today, I no longer experience dizziness, and we are working on some of the physical issues that come with aging, like knee problems and such. I highly recommend her!!

Eden Pei ():

I was referred by my friend who was the long-time customer/patient here.

Because of my irregular period and hormonal acne problems, I went to see Dr. Grace hoping she can help fix my hormone imbalance issue. 

After 4 acupuncture sessions and some herbal medicines, my period cycle gradually returned to the normal schedule. Plus point, my feet and hands no longer feel cold like they were used to be.

Michele Feilhaber ():

Grace has been helping me the last 2 months with side effects due to my colitis. She also helps with my back pain and most recently some knee pain from running. I always leave there feeling so much better and I’m so glad I found her! I’ve recommended her to 2 of my friends already and will continue to recommend her! She’s awesome.

Ann Fu ():

I just visited my doctor for my diabetes, and I got exciting result. My A1C reading was lower from 8.8 (on 03/02/17) to 7.2 (on 07/11/17)! In addition, the average of my daily blood glucose test reading was lower from 165±45 to 126±32 mg/dL, which indicates that my blood sugar level is under a much better control. This miracle started when I started my acupuncture treatment with Dr. Grace Gong at the end of February 2017.

Dr. Gong provides me acupuncture treatments twice a week on my availability. She not only treats me nicely and patiently, she stays late at night numerous times for me due to my work schedule. With her help, not only my blood sugar is much lower, I finally can sleep through the night and my sweating problem is also greatly improved. I don’t need to change my shirt in the middle of night because it was soaked through. I feel a lot more energetic with the much-improved sleep quality and duration.

I really appreciate what Dr. Gong had done for me and will highly recommend you contact her for any of your chronic or acute health problem. You will be surprised and happy for the result.

kathleen monfort ():

I began seeing Dr. Grace 14 months ago for unrelenting back pain and sciatica on the recommendation of my daughter and 2 friends, whose opinions I respect. I was as sceptical as anyone could be but the pain was horrible and I was not ready to consider invasive western treatment. I can happily say that within 3 months I was pain-free and, to this day, I can move furniture or lift dog food bags and my back/sciatic nerves give me no trouble. 11 months ago, while having treatment with Dr. Grace, I saw my GP for some nebulous symptoms, including tremors, fatigue, brain fog, and instability when moving. My GP did some hands-on diagnostics and baldly said, "You have Parkinson's Disease". When I next saw Dr. Grace, I shared this information with her. She began treating for Parkinson's that session. I am pleased to be able to report that the symptoms that I was experiencing have not worsened; some, in fact, have regressed. I consider Eastern Medicine as a valuable addition to my health care, and Dr. Grace is a superb practitioner. I recommend her highly.

Jane Barnett ():

I originally consulted with Dr.Grace because I was diagnosed moderate to mild psoriasis on my elbows. However, in the months preceding my visit with my western doctor the psoriasis has begun more rapidly. Dr.grace began acupuncture, and with each weekly treatment the psoriasis plaques was visible reduced. My whole family was amazed as the psoriasis plaques disappeared quickly during the first few months of treatment.

In recent months I pinched a nerve in my neck and subluxated both shoulders, through acupuncture and cupping, Dr.grace has greatly reduced my discomfort and helped my shoulders to heal. I anticipate that all discomfort will soon be gone.
I have recommended Dr.grace’s serves to many people as the opportunity presents itself, and many others have also benefited from her treatments.

Jane Barnett ():

I originally consulted with Dr. Grace because I was diagnosed with psoriasis on my elbows.  With each treatment the psoriasis plaques became visibly reduced until they were completely gone.  In recent months I pinched a nerve in my neck and shoulders. Through acupuncture and cupping, Dr. Grace has greatly reduced my pain.  It will  soon be completely gone.  She has helped me and many others.  I highly recommend her.  She gets 5 out of 5!

Bridget Rutledge ():

I've been seeing Dr. Grace for 3 weeks now. I sought her help for chronic low back pain associated with degenerative disc disease in my lumbar spine. I didn't realize my overall health was also going to improve. I have less pain in my back, more energy, and I sleep all the way through the night now. She's been a godsend. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Grace. I plan to have her help me quit vaping and also hep me with my chronic migraines.

Steve Katz ():

With due appreciation to the chiropractors, MD's etc., that are or have been part of my healthcare over the years, I have to say that treatment by Dr. Grace is the best healthcare investment I have ever made. I went to her when persistent pain that had existed for over a year in my lower right back became unbearable. I'd been through 2 multiple appointment regimens with two very good chiropractors, whom I would recommend to anyone needing chiropractic care. Unfortunately the best they produced over time was moderate, temporary relief. With acupuncture by Dr. Grace, I first noticed improvement after my second session. Here we are about 8 weeks and several treatments in, and I find myself without pain the overwhelming majority of the time. This is even after extended driving, exercise, etc. For the 30 days or so before finding Dr. Grace, I had been taking more ibuprofen, etc., than ever....on a daily basis. I remembered something I had read about acupuncture practitioners who were extensively trained and who practiced in Chinese hospitals having a different approach than chiropractors who received incremental acupuncture training. This has certainly proven to be true. A factor in the difference is that Dr. Grace and those like her, while targeting the specific complaint, take a holistic approach to patient health. She treats the organs and blood as part of the treatment. My energy is great, sleep improved, allergies minimized (went from taking 2 Zyrtec/Claritins a day + Flonase spray to just the Flonase). I could go on but don't want to run the risk of not seeming credible. I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Grace, and cannot recommend her highly enough.

justin wu ():

Dr grace is really kind and patient. Acupuncture is really helpful. I was very sick and desperate. Fortunately I could found her to  be my doctor. Very thankful!!!

Joy Ruan ():

Awesome acupuncturist! The best in Kansas.  Friendly and family oriented place.  Dr Grace and her daughter Jing Jing who is are the best!  Highly recommended

Donnie Quinn ():

Very helpful and effective treatment!

Bud S., Kansas City, Kansas ():

Dr Grace is helping our 16 year old son who has battled w/ ASD for 10 years and recently had some seizures that western doctors just wanted to treat with drugs.  Dr Grace really takes the time to understand what we need for our son, Micah.  We enjoy going to see Dr Grace for many reasons like her friendly approach, her knowledge and her genuine concern.  We have referred others to Dr Grace and even gave our family chiropractor a business card from Dr Grace.  

Our son has shown great improvement after less than 3 weeks of treatment by Dr Grace.  His eye contact is much better, his sleep is better. He answers to his name the first time, which he has never done!  He is also starting to actually converse with others including Dr Grace!  While Micah does talk, it's been fairly limited up until now.  We can only attribute this wonderful change to the treatment he is receiving from Dr Grace.  BEST DOCTOR we have found!!!!!

Tom Stuckey:

Dr. Grace is good at her job. I went in with carple tunnel that prevented sleep. After the second visit sleep was never a problem again. It took around 4 months to remedy the problem completely. In that time she also treated me for lower back pain and asthma, along with alot of general health improvements. She also makes you feel welcome... well as welcomed as you can be by someone inserting dozens of needles into you. She will now be part of my general healthcare.

Yu-Hui Ann Fu:

I just visited my doctor for my diabetes, and I got exciting result. My A1C reading was lower from 8.8 (on 03/02/17) to 7.2 (on 07/11/17)! In addition, the average of my daily blood glucose test reading was lower from 165±45 to 126±32 mg/dL, which indicates that my blood sugar level is under a much better control. This miracle started when I started my acupuncture treatment with Dr. Grace Gong at the end of February 2017.

Dr. Gong provides me acupuncture treatments twice a week on my availability. She not only treats me nicely and patiently, she stays late at night numerous times for me due to my work schedule. With her help, not only my blood sugar is much lower, I finally can sleep through the night and my sweating problem is also greatly improved. I don’t need to change my shirt in the middle of night because it was soaked through. I feel a lot more energetic with the much-improved sleep quality and duration.

I really appreciate what Dr. Gong had done for me and will highly recommend you contact her for any of your chronic or acute health problem. You will be surprised and happy for the result.

Jacob Boveri ():

Dr. Grace is an amazing doctor. She has helped me with my wrist and ankle pain and my condition has improved greatly! She has also helped to reduce a tumor in only 2 weeks. She has many testimonials helping others with stroke, diabetes, skin trouble, Carole tunnel and much more...

Scott Crenshaw:

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Yang Gong (Grace) in her acupuncture clinic for several weeks.  I was seeking treatment for foot pain, specially metatarsalgia.  Dr. Gong has been treating me with acupuncture for this condition.  As a former biology teacher, I was very skeptical of what I considered "non-medical" treatment.  However, I had exhausted traditional medical treatment options and was facing a surgery that had a high percentage of failure.  I figured I had nothing to lose by visiting Dr. Gong.  To my surprise and delight, my pain was lessened after the first visit and acupuncture treatment.  For the first time in over 3 years, I was not experiencing a high level of pain.  I don't know why it works, and I don't care.  I just know that for me, I am happy with the results.


(recovering from stroke with Dr. Grace Yang Gong’s therapies)

Hi, my name is Brad.  I've been seeing Dr Grace for a little over a week now. I had three visits with her. I had a stroke four years ago and had headaches all the time. I got to go bathroom a lot, about 12 times during the day and six at night. I slurred my words, and my right side was bad, couldn't hold a cup to drink with my right hand. And when I walked my right foot was dragging on me. Now since I've seen her I no longer have headaches. My going the bathroom has gone down to not having to pee during the night, and no more than 4~5 times in the day. My right side is feeling three times better than it was. I can also walk without dragging my leg now, and I hardly slur my words. I want to show this to people so they know Dr Grace is a good doctor, and want her to be able to put on her Facebook and her website.



(recovering from stroke with Dr. Grace Yang Gong’s therapies)

(week 3, 1st photo & 1st video): Hi I have been with Dr. Grace.  She is helping me for the last three weeks to be in this shape.  I was not able to move my right eye at all, nor close my eyes.  My mouth was hanging and my eyes were open.  Now as you can see, my eyes close. I am able to frown and I am able to talk too.  I still need more treatment, because my tongue is a little numb, but I am able to function better.  Thank you!

(week 4, the next video): Hi my name is Marvin, I've been with Dr. Grace for the last four weeks......

Testimonial - recovering from stroke




Pam Tresler:

My experience with Dr. Yang Gong (Grace) has been truly amazing. Not much of a believer in traditional Chinese medicine I was skeptical of any help I could receive. But I was wrong!

Grace has helped me in many ways, from headache relief to being the first one to recognize that my body was fighting thyroid cancer. And many muscle aches and headaches. She is an amazing friend and Chinese medicine practitioner.

Patricia Sigg:

I have breast cancer and made the decision to go with natural therapy. I went from a vegetarian diet to vegan one and take several supplements.

Several months ago I added Chinese medicine to my protocol and have been seeing Gong Yang (Grace) for acupuncture. Acupuncture works very well for pain and I would recommend it for anyone for that purpose alone. I was not sure about using acupuncture for breast cancer but decided to give a try. after about 15 minutes into my first treatment I had a burning sensation in the tumor, there are no needles in my breast. The infared sauna is the only place I had experienced this before, so I know it is working. The very best part is that the tumor has gotten smaller since adding acupuncture to my protocol.

I would recommend acupuncture to anyone with cancer, it can help you heal and if you have pain it works great for that too.

Jacqueline Poranebo:

Before going to Yang Gong (Grace) I suffered from crippling migraines for almost 30 yrs. I have tried prescription medicine, however the cost was too much. Migraines would hit around 2-3 times a month. I would on average take up 18-20 ibuprofen a day just to be able to function.  A friend referred me to Grace to try acupuncture. After the first time I found my cure. Immediately after about the 2 minutes the first time I felt my migraine disappear. Since March of 2016 I have had 4 migraines total. When I feel one I call Grace and I’m good. I feel confident with continued treatments of Acupuncture my migraines will forever be gone. Thank you Grace for your knowledge and expertise in Acupuncture, you have given back my children their mother who can now fully enjoy all of life’s treasures.

Ma Jianping:

I am a weightlifting coach but was an athlete for many years.  I was Champion of China and competed in the 2004 Los Angeles Olympic Games.  I had small injuries from time to time.  My worst one was just before the Games.  Since then I learned that a rib was out of place.

This past summer I was in Iola and had the opportunity to be given acupuncture by Dr. Gong for left knee pain from an injury several months ago. She placed three needles in my knee and one or two in my hand and left them there while we spoke.  Every once in a while she’d twist the needles.  Immediately after that treatment, I could move my knee where I hadn’t been able to before, and the pain was nearly gone.  I am very happy with that treatment and only wish that I were in Iola more frequently so I could have more treatment. I’m sure that if I had been treated by Dr. Gong in 1984 I would have been able to have lifted much more.

Joe Carson ():

I didn't realize acupuncture could work so well for so many things. Thanks for all your help.

Joseph F. Caron:

I am 72 years old and have arthritis throughout my body.  Dr Grace has treated me with Acupuncture and with cupping.  The acupuncture brings relief but I really enjoy the feeling of the cups on my skin and I enjoy the sensation of when they’re removed. The acupuncture helps my joints but the cupping really relieves the stiffness and pain in my muscles.  This treatment is great and I highly recommend Dr. Grace.


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